Isabelle Mann

Isabelle Mann

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About me

Isabelle Mann was born a teachers' daughter in Göttingen, Germany, to Friedlinde (Helweg) and Karlotto Mann. She spent her early years in Wiesbaden, Germany, and was later raised bilingually in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. This intercultural background affords her the flexibility to work in any setting around the globe.
She studied acting at ‘Reduta Acting and Drama School’ in Berlin, and graduated in 2002. Her post-graduation career began on stage in Berlin and Bremen, and she has always retained her association with the theatre.
She had her film debut as the lead actress in the horror movie ‘Der Kali Prozess’, in which she worked with award-winning film-maker Andreas Marschall.
Isabelle Mann moved to Tel Aviv, Israel, in 2006 where she worked in several theatre productions at the Jewish Arab Theatre and the Susan Dellal Theatre. She worked with Robert Castle at the International Theatre New York from 2009 until 2011, and again in 2024.
She was nominated for ‘Best Supporting Actress’ at the 2015 Maverick Movie Awards, USA, for the multi-award-winning motion picture ‘37’, in which she worked with the talented director Chris Brügge.
She has starred in the international feature film ‘Hello Au Revoir’, directed by Jason Croot, and in the ARD prime time series ‘Praxis mit Meerblick’, directed by Joseph Orr.
In 2021, Isabelle Mann was cast for Germany's most successful long-running series ‘Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten’.
The critically acclaimed arthouse film ‘The Food on the Table’, directed by Ismene Daskarolis and featuring Isabelle Mann in the lead role, was screened in 2024 at the prestigious Berlin International Film Festival, popularly known as the ‘Berlinale’.
Isabelle Mann has studied film acting and American acting techniques with some of the most renowned acting coaches of our time, Susan Batson and Robert Castle. 
Isabelle Mann currently lives in Berlin.


Acting age
44-58 years
Place of birth
Göttingen, raised in Wiesbaden and Addis Ababa / Äthiopien
Height (cm)
Weight (in kg)
Eye color
blue green
Hair color
Hair length
slim, female, daintily
Place of residence
Berlin (DE)
Housing options
Orlando (US), Dallas (US), London (GB), Zürich (CH), Addis Ababa (ET), Frankfurt (DE), Göttingen (DE), Kassel (DE), Cologne (DE), Munich (DE)
American-StandardBerlin GermanEnglish-Standard(native dialect)Standard German(native dialect)
Alpine skiingSwimYogaBasketballBowlingHikingHorse ridingIce skatingInline skatingRoller-skatingTable tennisTennisVolleyballWater-skiingWindsurfing
Freestyle danceArgentine tangoImprovisation danceJazz DanceStandardTangoCourtly dances
Main profession
Dubbing actor
Special skills
Audio bookAudio dramaImprovisationModelStilt
Driver's licenses
AM - Trike, quad, microcars up to 45 km/h, B - Car, BE - Car with trailer, C1 - Trucks up to 7.5t, L - Small tractor


Primary professional training

1999 – 2002
Reduta Berlin

Other professional training

ITNY International Theatre New York
Susan Batson Studio New York
ITNY International Theatre New York
Reduta Acting and Drama School Berlin, diploma


Best Supporting Actress in '37', Maverick Movie Awards, USA (nominated) (Feature film)
Best Ensemble Acting in '37', Maverick Movie Awards, USA (nominated) (Feature film)
Best Ensemble Cast in '37', Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards (nominated) (Feature film)
Winner 'Best Feature Film' for '37', Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards


Flight TY437 (Cinema film)
Amaya McNamara (MR) Confidential Distribution: Pre-production Casting Director: F. Jödike
Horsegiirl 'Starsign' (Short film)
Spiritual mystic (MR) Chima Okerenkwo Producer: Phoenix Chase-Meares Distribution: Horsegiirl - Music video
VALENTIN 'Model' (Choreography)
Model / Dancer (SR) Adam Munnings Producer: Phoenix Chase-Meares Distribution: Valentin - Music video Casting Director: Adam Munnings & Phoenix Chase-Meares
La Chica 3 & Hoy
White Witch (SR) Lauren Pringle and Adriana Berroteran Producer: Ava Shoshiani Distribution: Music Film Casting Director: Lauren Pringle, Adriana Berroteran, Avia Shoshani
Leeres Nest (Short film)
Stefanie Herrmann (MR) Dascha Petuchow Distribution: Film festivals
The Food on the Table (Cinema film)
Birgit (MR) Ismene Daskarolis Distribution: Cinema
Cape of Good Hope (Short film)
Kimone Kruger (MR) Anna Maria Sosnik Distribution: Short film
Ich liebe, ES (Short film)
Harley Queen (MR) Robert Rehmann Distribution: Kurzfilm
Agnosia (Cinema film)
Stefanie Schnarr (MR) Zoia Domaskina Distribution: Film festivals
Flatliner (Short film)
Ines Boehm (SR) Julian Richberg Distribution: Film festivals
Simone (Short film)
Madeleine Martin (MR) Sibylle Prätsch Distribution: Short film
Hello Au Revoir, JCP Films (Cinema film)
Martha Kubrick (SR) Jason Croot Distribution: INTERNATIONAL CINEMA
Kurkuma (Short film)
Sandrine (MR) Isabelle Mann und Jasper Joseph Distribution: Film festivals
8 Remains (Cinema film)
Catherine (SR) Juliane Block Distribution: INTERNATIONAL CINEMA, AMAZON PRIME, NETFLIX
Die gelbe Kobra auf blauer Erde (Short film)
Adele Axum (MR) Isabelle Mann und Jasper Joseph Distribution: Film festivals
Venomous (Cinema film)
Jaqueline Cassidy (MR) Elmar Strotmann Distribution: INTERNATIONAL CINEMA
Wonderful (Short film)
Voice Over (English & German version) (MR) Chris Brügge Distribution: Film festivals
Die Schmugglerin (Short film)
Geheimagentin "Eva" (MR) Isabelle Mann und Jasper Joseph Distribution: Short film
37 (Cinema film)
Mutter - Lucette (SR) Chris Brügge Distribution: KINO, AMAZON PRIME
Sicherheitsbedenken (Short film)
Melanie Willbeck (HR) (MR) Jasper Joseph Distribution: Cinema
Ein Old Fashioned (Short film)
Helen (MR) Viola Makowski Distribution: Film festivals
Liebe auf Abwegen (Short film)
Frau (MR) Isabelle Mann und Jasper Joseph Distribution: Film festivals
Corrections (Short film)
Woman 2 (SR) Keren Cytter Distribution: Biennial Melechen, Int. Filmfestival Rotterdam
Luma (Cinema film)
Gastauftritt (GR) Silvia Rietdorff Distribution: Cinema
Der Kali Prozess (Cinema film)
Julia (HR) (MR) Andreas Marschall Distribution: b Filmfestival Berlin


Notruf - Auf einen Schlag (TV series)
Heidi Gisbrecht (EL) Wolfgang Fuchs Station: SAT.1
GZSZ / Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten (TV series)
Heike Neumann (SR) Boris Keidies und Kerstin Schefberger Producer: UFA Station: RTL Casting Director: Diego Andreas
Praxis mit Meerblick - Auf zu neuen Ufern (TV series)
Jessica Henning (SR) Joseph Orr Producer: Real Film Station: ARD Degeto Casting Director: Gitta Uhlig
Das Blaue vom Himmel (TV series)
Frauke Weingarten (EL) Patrick May Station: SAT.1
Einsatz in Köln - Die Kommissare: Die Welt durch meine Augen (TV series)
Johanna Fink (EL) Johanna Steiger-Antos und Christoph Klünker Station: SAT.1
Das ist unsere Finca (Drama)
Petra Lohse (ER) Martina Faust Station: SAT.1
Auf Kosten der Anderen (Drama)
Christiane Hofer (MR) Axel Hannemann Station: SAT.1
Im Namen meines Sohnes (TV movie)
Andrea Kuby (SR) Damir Lukacevic Station: ZDF, Premiere Filmfest Hamburg Casting Director: Simone Bär
Hexenjagd (Drama)
Maria Brandner (ER) Juliane Hohl und Jörg Giese Station: SAT.1
Helden der Hauptstadt (TV series)
Sylvia Schreiber (SR) Ingo Vollenberg Station: Weltpremiere Snowdance Filmfestival 2015
Hippies raus (Drama)
Beate Fiedler (MR) Konstanze Brill Station: SAT.1
Berlin Models (TV series)
Ulrike Grossmann (SR) Cornelia Dohrn Station: RTL
Eden (TV series)
Chefin (SR) Thomas Krauslach Station: Krauslach und Krüger Produktion


Offene Zweierbeziehung
Antonia (MR) Isabelle Mann und Boris Joseph Theater: HAU Hebbel am Ufer Berlin
Lass uns die Worte finden (Ingeborg Bachmann & Paul Celan) (Drama)
Ingeborg Bachmann (MR) Isabelle Mann Theater: Lettrétage Berlin
Liebesgrüße von der Krim (Olga Knipper & Anton Tschechow) (Drama)
Olga Knipper (MR) Isabelle Mann Theater: Z-Bar Berlin, Café La Bohème, Café Tasso
Rosemary mit Ginger (Edward Allan Baker) (Drama)
Ginger (MR) Robert Castle Theater: International Theatre New York
Von Angesicht zu Angesicht (Ingmar Bergmann) (Drama)
Jenny (MR) Robert Castle Theater: International Theatre New York
Dolores (Edward Allan Baker) (Drama)
Dolores (MR) Robert Castle Theater: International Theatre New York
Landscape of the Body (John Guare) (Drama)
Betty (MR) Robert Castle Theater: International Theatre New York
Onkel Wanja (Anton Tschechow) (Drama)
Jeléna (SR) Robert Castle Theater: International Theatre New York
Persona (Ingmar Bergmann) (Drama)
Alma (MR) Robert Castle Theater: International Theatre New York
Sommertag (Jon Fosse) (Drama)
Junge Frau (MR) Thomas Gerber Theater: Acud und Tisch Theater Berlin
Schuster (Hanoch Levin)
Frau Schuster (MR) Raquel Schor Theater: Susan Dellal Theater Tel Aviv
Wunschkonzert (Kroetz) (Drama)
Frau Schuster (MR) Asher Zapati Theater: Jüdisch-Arabisches Theater Tel Aviv
Medea (Euripides) (Drama)
Medea (MR) Raquel Schor Theater: Jüdisch-Arabisches Theater Tel Aviv
Die Irre von Chaillot (Giraudoux) (Drama)
Irma (MR) Raquel Schor Theater: Jüdisch-Arabisches Theater Tel Aviv
Emilia Galotti (Gotthold Ephraim Lessing) (Drama)
Gräfin Orsina (SR) Anika Mauer Theater: HAU Hebbel am Ufer Berlin
Quartett (Heiner Müller) (Drama)
Marquise Merteuil (MR) Anika Mauer Theater: Acud Theater Berlin
Sucking Dublin (Enda Walsh) (Drama)
Lämmchen (MR) Eva Oelker Theater: Theater Bremen
Bernarda Albas Haus (Federico Garcia Lorca) (Drama)
Poncia (MR) Dietmar Nieder Theater: Brotfabrik Berlin
Schuld und Sühne ( Fyodor Dostojewski) (Drama)
Pulcheria Raskolnikowa (MR) Sergej Koromschikow Theater: HAU Hebbel am Ufer Berlin
Antigone (Sophokles) (Drama)
Antigone (MR) Axel Werner Theater: Acud Theater Berlin
Die Grüne Gans (Galczynski)
Sie, Schlampe, Kretin (MR) Michael Schweighöfer Theater: HAU Hebbel am Ufer Berlin
Faust (Goethe) (Drama)
Gretchen (MR) Stephan von Ewald Theater: Theater gegen den Mittelstand


Venomous (Dubbing)
Jaqueline Cassidy (MR) Elmar Strotmann
Wonderful Kurzfilm (Speaker)
Voice Over (englische & deutsche Fassung) (MR) Chris Brügge Distribution: Film festivals Written by: Chris Brügge
Der Kali Prozess (Dubbing)
Julia (MR) Andreas Marschall


Chefin (HR) (MR) Kai Wiesinger
BOSCH Thermotechnik
Schwedische Ehefrau Yoga (HR) (MR) Lars Pape Casting Director: Lars Pape
Pepperl und Fuchs - The Deadline
Frau (HR) (MR) Lars Pape