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Carsten Hayes

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About me

Bilingual English & German. 20+ years experience in Film/TV, Theatre and Video Games
Graduated from The Oxford School of Drama, UK.
2000 - 2020 lived and worked out of London, UK.
2020 - based in Potsdam, Germany


Height (cm)
Weight (in kg)
Eye color
gray green
Hair color
Hair length
Place of residence
Potsdam (DE), London (GB)
Housing options
London (GB), Berlin (DE)
German, British
American-StandardEifel dialect(native dialect)English-Standard(native dialect)Low GermanRheinischScottish
Alpine skiingClimbHorse ridingSnowboardBoulderingRockclimbingTae Kwon Do
Actor, Dubbing actor
Special skills
(cartoon) voice acting
Driver's licenses
A - Motorcycle, B - Car


Primary professional training

The Oxford School of Drama


BFA - International Actor of the Month


Brothers of Italy (Short film)
Kurt Schwitters (LR) Marco Petrucco Producer: Hoofprint Productions [uk]
The Infiltrator (Cinema film)
Rudi Armbrecht (SR) Brad Furman Producer: Good Films [uk]
Sunset Rose (Short film)
Detective Bailey (LR) Zoe McCarthy Producer: Gumption Films [uk]
Just In Time (Short film)
Guido (LR) Rodolfo Novaes Producer: Fabbris Filmes [pt]
Sherlock Holmes - Spiel im Schatten (Cinema film)
Ballroom Photographer Guy Ritchie Producer: Lin Pictures [us]
Sixty-Six (Cinema film)
Fireman 2 Paul Weiland Producer: Studiocanal [fr]
V wie Vendetta (Cinema film)
Evey's Father James McTeigue Producer: Fünfte Babelsberg Film GmbH [de]
Citizen Welles (Short film)
Orson Wells (LR) Robert Figueras Producer: Tramuntana Films [es]


Rosamunde Pilcher - Herzensläufe (TV movie (series))
Supporting role Marc Prill Producer: FFP New Media GmbH Station: ZDF [de]
Jerks (TV series)
Supporting role Christian Ulmen Producer: Pyjama Pictures GmbH Station: Joyn [de], ProSieben [de]
Absentia (TV series)
Supporting role diverse Producer: Masha Productions [il] Station: [AXN] [de]
Wendezeit (TV movie)
Andrew Weiner (SR) Sven Bohse Producer: MOOVIE GmbH Station: Degeto [de], rbb [de]
Charlotte Link - Im Tal des Fuchses (TV movie (series))
DS Jenkins (SR) Till Franzen Producer: UFA Fiction Station: ARD [de], Degeto [de]
Athena (TV series)
Ralf (Nyelas Dad) Isabelle Sieb Producer: Bryncoed Productions [uk]
Nazi Megastructures - Italian Fortress (Documentary series)
Albert Kesselring (LR) Sid Bennett Producer: Darlow Smithson Productions [uk] Station: National Geographic
Back (TV series)
Michael (SR) Ben Palmer Producer: Big Talk Productions [uk] Station: Channel 4 [uk]
Six Wives with Lucy Worsley (Documentary series)
Ambassador Karl Harst (SR) Russell England Producer: BBC British Broadcast Corporation [uk]
Nazi Mega Weapons (Documentary series)
Martin Bormann (LR) Clive Maltby Producer: Darlow Smithson Productions [uk] Station: PBS [us]
SS-GB (TV series)
Hotel Lübeck Captain/Huth's Spy (SR) Philipp Kadelbach Producer: Sid Gentle Films Ltd. [uk] Station: BBC [uk]
Ku'damm 56 (TV series)
John Carlisle Sven Bohse Producer: UFA Fiction Station: ZDF [de]
Nazi Mega Weapons (Documentary series)
Wernher von Braun (mehrere Folgen) (LR) Gary Johnstone Producer: Darlow Smithson Productions [uk] Station: PBS [us]
Waking the Dead - Im Auftrag der Toten (TV series)
Dr. Josef Mengele (SR) Tim Fywell Producer: BBC British Broadcast Corporation [uk] Station: BBC [uk]
The Quatermass Experiment (TV movie)
Ludwig Reichenheim (SR) Sam Miller Producer: BBC British Broadcast Corporation [uk] Station: BBC [uk]
Spooks - im Visier des MI5 (TV series)
Mahmoud (SR) Justin Chadwick Producer: Kudos Film and Television Ltd. [uk] Station: BBC [uk]
Red Cap (TV series)
Corporal Fryman (SR) Justin Chadwick Producer: Stormy Pictures Ltd [uk] Station: BBC [uk]
Jahrestage (TV series)
1. Englischer Offizier Margarethe von Trotta Producer: Eikon Media GmbH [de]


Ein Gemeiner Trick (Drama)
Ted (LR) Marion Kracht Producer: Phillip Hallenberger/Tourerleben Theater: Germany Tour Written by: David Foley
Faster Higher Stronger Straighter
Vladislav Whitney Mosery Theater: The Dominion Studio
Mary Rose
Simon Blake Matthew Parker Theater: Riverside Studios
The Sea Plays
Yank Ken Hoyt Theater: The Old Vic Tunnels
Mary Rose
Simon Blake Matthew Parker Theater: Brockley Jack
Trip to Bountiful
Roy Kenneth Hoyt Theater: Courtyard Theatre
'Tis Pity She's a Whore
Friar Bonaventura Joanna Turner Theater: White Bear Theatre
The Tempest
Alonso Joanna Turner Theater: Bridewell Theatre
The Sound of Silence
Emile Eduardo Barreto Theater: Trafalgar Studios
The Final Hours of Achidi J.
Immigration Official Che Walker Theater: Finborough Theatre
Viscount Desmond Philip Prowse Theater: Citizens Theatre
The Tempest
Adrian Patrick Mason Theater: Theatre Royal Plymouth & National Tour
Suddenly Last Summer
George Holly Philip Prowse Theater: Citizens Theatre
Freddie Palmer Philip Prowse Theater: Lyric Theatre


VO Collect (Other)
Warehouse Supervisor (LR) Matt Giles Producer: Shoot You Ltd
20th Century Battles (Narrator)
various (OR) Dan Kendall Producer: BBC Television


Build Up (WT) (Videogame)
Commander Georg Producer: Molinare UK Casting Director: Sarah Lynch
Mystery Coast: Treasure Hunt (Videogame)
Leading role Timo Arnall Producer: Playdeo [uk]
Company of Heroes 2 (Videogame)
Armoured Vehicle Commander (SR) Quinn Duffy Producer: Relic Entertainment [ca]
007 Legends (Videogame)
Blofeld Guard (SR) John Dower Producer: Eurocom Entertainment Software [uk]


Mastercard (Commercial)
Dad (LR) Oliver Kraege Producer: The Gram Global
Amber Alert - Think Before You Share (Commercial)
Leading role Micky Suelzer Producer: Zauberberg Productions GmbH
Barakuta - Dainese (Commercial)
Hero (LR) Mark Lonsdale Producer: Leap Films [uk]
ProSieben Maxx - Follow your Instinct (Commercial)
Geschäftsmann / Surfer (LR) Sebastian von Wyschetzki Producer: ProSiebenSat1 Produktion GmbH [de]
Arab Bank - History (Commercial)
Narrator (LR) Sofia De Fay Producer: th2ng [uk/us/ae]
BNL Bank (Commercial)
Cancer Research UK - Still here (Commercial)
Boyfriend (LR) Vadim Jean Producer: Ogillvy & Mather [uk]